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Kristin has been coaching since 1992 and has trained many of the Edge team members since 2004. Originally from Madison, WI, Kristin has been involved in dance and choreography for most of her life, which led to her involvement in gymnastics. She moved to the Chicago area while in high school, where she danced with Gus Giordano, Rory Foster, and choreographed and performed with a small touring company. She earned her degree in Human Biology from Stanford University, designing a concentration in The Physiologic and Cultural Aspects of Human Movement and Dance. She became involved in gymnastics as a choreographer and dance coach while a student at Stanford, but quickly fell in love with the sport and expanded to coaching all events and levels, from pre-school through Elite. Kristin is also a Level 10 rated judge and feels her experience on “the other side of the fence” makes her a better educated coach. Her goal and philosophy of coaching is to challenge, motivate, and celebrate the successes of each of her student athletes, bringing out the best in their gymnastics, and teaching valuable lessons to enrich their lives.